Bring on the Show!

Our Hampton Court show garden got its first proper slice of publicity this week, with the publication of the June edition of Kent Life.

Stuart and I were really delighted with the coverage the magazine gave to our garden, which celebrates the heritage and regeneration of the former Betteshanger Colliery site in east Kent. It’s a great plug for the garden we have designed for Hadlow College, and of course brilliant publicity for us as we set off into the world of self-employment.


This is going to be a busy week for Stuart and I. We both have our interviews with the external examiners at Greenwich tomorrow, Wednesday is a day of driving to various plant nurseries to finalise our orders for the garden and then Thursday is press launch day at Betteshanger, with a radio interview at Hadlow in the afternoon. I’m accustomed to being the interviewer from my former career as a journalist, and I’m finding it very uncomfortable being on the “other side”.



I’m not a natural public speaker or interviewee, but I guess this is all good practise for getting better at it. Certainly, the past year at Greenwich has helped with that – we’ve been repeatedly made to stand up and present our work to our peers and lecturers over the past two terms, and I have progressed from be rendered almost unable to speak, to actually feeling able to stand up and say at least SOMETHING. And I’m starting to get the message that I probably think I am worse at it than other people do, after the external critics told me I gave “a good presentation” the other week (this despite me initially saying that the naval pensioners buried at Greenwich had fought with Nelson at the Battle of Waterloo….doh, that was the other guy! At least I corrected myself!)

Anyway, onwards towards Hampton Court 2015. The build begins second week of June and we are looking forward to being joined by some of our fellow students to carry out the massive task of planting in the final week before judging, which is 29th June.

Then, maybe, some sleep…